12/05/2001 Austin, TX School Bus News Archive

Here’s the earliest School Bus News I could find until I get back home and dig my ancient Mac out of the closet. This one dates back to Dec. 5, 2001.


Monday morning a darling little first grader boarded
my bus. I said,”I haven’t seen you in a long time.
Where have you been?” She replied, “I’ve been waking up
late and missing the bus. This morning I slept over my
alarm. I didn’t hear it go off. I didn’t even hear it
go on!”
We had one of those Texas weather surges last week.
We went from a mid 80’s muggy monday to a wednesday
that never got out of the 30’s. That next morning I
spent 15 minutes scraping ice off the winshield of the
bus with a clipboard. (We tend not to think about
things like ice scrapers this far south.) We
actually saw snowflakes for a little while, a rare
treat around here. I saw the effects of the recent
tornadoes yesterday. On my way to rehearsal with my band Stone
Waltz I saw a mobile home parked on its roof.

My ears were burning. That same third grade girl
you’ve read so much about was talking about me. I
asked what she was talking about. As she conferred
with her friends she blurted out, “No, it’s not about
Jimmy Joe marrying a cow!”
Thank goodness for that. I don’t even drink the milk.
Same girl, different day. She was expressing her
dislike for a boy on the bus. When asked why she
didn’t like him she said, “Because he sticks cheese up
his nose!”
Who can argue?

Jimmy Joe