Election (and Lunar Eclipse) Day ‘22

Greetings and Happy Autumn!

I know it’s been a while since my last entry. I’ve gone through some pretty big life changes but I’m back and I’m pretty happy.

Are drivers catching on or was it luck of the draw? I hope it’s the former.

Last week, I went three days in a row without a single car passing my bus illegally. This should not be cause for celebration. It should be routine but unfortunately, it’s the exception.

Please watch out for the kiddos. They may be running late and crossing the street in a hurry to catch the bus. That’s why we have the flashing lights and laws that support them. The flashing ambers don’t mean speed up. Someone’s child may be getting ready to cross the road. Please pay attention. I’m probably preaching to the choir but there it is.

Well, unfortunately I spoke too soon. On the fourth day, I lost count of the number of cars passing my bus while I was loading students in the morning. There were at least eight or nine, maybe ten. The next day, four. The day after, five or six. If the $300 tickets by mail don’t make make drivers pay attention, what will?

Next stop, Easy Street

For the first time in 24 years of driving a school bus I don’t have an elementary school on my route. I have two magnet schools. The kids are quiet, polite, and well behaved. It’s a dream route. Occasionally I’ll find a gum wrapper on a seat and that’s the extent of the trouble on my route.

I love my route and the students. However, I really miss the loud, rambunctious, playful, creative, brutally honest, snot-nosed, lovely, bratty little ones. They are the most work and the most fun. I miss driving to other planets and traveling through time with the help of a cosmic dwizzle bazimperator. I miss quiz time. The older kids have grown out of that magic. (sigh) At least I haven’t. I anxiously await the next time travel mission. It will begin three days ago.

It’s election day and I’m sitting at home. Why am I not at work? We have the day off and I voted early.

It’s great that we have the day off to recognize Election Day but the truth is that the decision was made for safety reasons. Many schools are used as polling places and school officials fear for the safety of students and staff due to our current political climate. Dang. To quote my neighbor Stan from a long time ago in a far off city, “What do think this is, America?”

If you haven’t already, get out and vote!

I wish everyone a safe Election Day and we’ll see you Wednesday morning looking out for the children.

ps- the next episode of School Bus News will return to the fun and goofy stuff, I promise!