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Welcome to my blog. Blog. That’s a funny word. It comes from Web Log. Long ago, before web logs existed, I sculpted a creature out of clay and named it Blog. He had one leg, on top of which sat a twisted head. The mouth was open in a sort of rage. He had one enormous eye and one small one. A third eye sat atop an antennae sprouting from his head. Blog was green. Blog was also a casualty of rambunctious house cats. I glued Blog back together and he seemed happy enough for a while. But poor Blog ultimately met his demise at 4:31am on the morning of January 17, 1994 in the Northridge earthquake. If I find pictures of Blog I will post them.

This Blog is not of the one-legged, three eyed green variety. It falls into the web log category.

Though the blog is new, I have been writing School Bus News for at least thirteen years. I will be posting new stories as well as some archived goodies.

Being that it is the middle of summer and I’m in Portland, OR, thousands of miles away from the bus barn, I’ll post an early edition of School Bus News.




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