First Day of School

It’s that time of year again and I am a little concerned about how the new school year began.

It wasn’t the car that was so far over in the lane that I was forced to jump a curb in the median on the way to the middle school (I could jump the curb or leave the tail end of the bus sticking out into the access road).  Nor was it the ‘first day’ traffic that set me back fifteen minutes on my route. It wasn’t even the torrential downpour that drenched my high school students because the bus was running late due to the traffic at the middle school and the car that sat too far over in the lane.

My concern comes from the fact that the driver of a black pickup truck didn’t even slow down when it passed my bus as I opened the door and the flashing lights went from amber to red at my VERY FIRST BUS STOP OF THE YEAR!!!! We can only hope that the cameras are working properly and the owner of the black truck gets a surprise in the mail and starts to notice school buses on the road from now on.

So here’s my public service announcement:

Where there are school buses, there’s a good chance that children are nearby. Please pay attention! When you see a bus with flashing amber lights, slow down and prepare to stop. That’s not the time to speed up to beat the red. Somebody’s kid might be running across the street to catch the bus.

And for the love of all that is everything, STOP when you see a school bus with red flashing lights!!!

Okay, enough of  the soap box.

Chrissie and I recently returned from our west coast tour. It was wonderful! We visited friends and family and made new friends and shared music from the mountains to the beach to the desert and back. We played a lovely little farmers market in Fairfax, CA. Families set blankets down on the grass in front of the band tent. The kids ran around and danced. We performed as The Better Halves and our alter ego Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir & Her. At the end of the market a farmer named Clarence said, “What are you driving? Blue Bird? Thomas? International?”

I said, “Are you a bus driver?”

Clarence said, “Yes, I am. We go back next week. Now help yourself to whatever you want, Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir.”

Clarence hooked me up with a bag full of fresh produce, including some fabulous heirloom tomatoes.

Thank you, Clarence, and have a great school year! I hope they’re stopping for your bus out there in California!


4 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. School Bus News is the best part of school starting again! (Of course, I don’t have kids.) But it does help take a little of the ssting out of all that extra traffic.


  2. I do so Hope the law catches the driver of that black truck! He deserves a strong fine and maybe a court date! Thank goodness you were alert! Please be SAFE!


    • Hey, Jimmy Jie! Kimberley and I both loved School bus news!!😃😃We had to chuckle repeatly! Some of these kiddos are clowns! I can remember them in my days(years) in the elementary classroom!! I loved every minute!! Love you!!

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